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Updated: Beyoncé's Post-Pregnancy Dress Is By the Men's Wear Designer Palomo Spain

Le 06 novembre 2017

Updated: Beyoncé's arm waist trainer Post-Pregnancy Dress Is By the Men's Wear Designer Palomo Spain

On arm trimming sleeves Friday morning, Beyoncé revealed on Instagram her first post-pregnancy photo since giving birth to her twins, Sir and Rumi Carter. The image, taken by photographer Mason Poole, harkens to her original, and now-iconic announcement photo by the artist Awol Erizku, in which the superstar kneels in front of a floral arrangement wearing nothing but lingerie and a tulle veil.

All these same elements are present in the latest photograph?the newest editions, of course, being Sir and Rumi Carter themselves, who are around a month old at this point. But there's another interesting detail worth nothing: The ruffled floral dress Beyoncé wears is by the men's wear designer, Palomo Spain.

Where were you when you saw the photo and found out about it?I think like everyone else in the world, I woke up Friday morning and the first thing we all do now is look at our phones. I had a message from my cousin, and all I saw was: ‘Palomo Spain?’ I was like, ‘What is this?’ And then I saw the photo and I said ‘Yes! Oh my god, yes!’ But I had just opened my eyes, so I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming. I wasn’t told anything, so I was just as surprised as everyone else.

What does it mean to you to see someone like Beyoncé wearing your designs?It makes me very proud. We did things in a very humble way from this small village in Spain; we never thought it was going to get any bigger. We all admire Beyoncé?I'm personally a fan?and I knew she'd gotten a few pieces a while ago, but I thought she was never going to wear them, or only wear them indoors, or she might not ever even see them. So, I was really surprised when she did. It means a lot for Palomo and the community that it represents.

Do you think there was a reason she chose a men's wear designer like Palomo Spain for a moment like this?I'm sure the only thing she saw is that it's a beautiful piece of clothing. I'm not thinking about gender; it might be on a man because I like men, it's my universe, and I get inspired by men, but everyone can admire a good piece of clothing. When she saw it, she probably didn't even know it.

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Chloë Sevigny Remembers Fashion Week's '90s Glory Days

Le 06 novembre 2017

Chloë strapless shapewear slip Sevigny Remembers Fashion Week's '90s Glory Days

facebook dialogPinterestChloë Sevigny in Jacquemus control top camisole at the launch of the newly renovated third floor of Saks Fifth Avenue.

Courtesy of BFA for Saks Fifth AvenueEven though Kurt Cobain had died just a few days before, grunge still managed to be as alive and well on the day in 1994 that Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and stylist Daisy von Furth staged the first-ever runway presentation of their brand X-Girl—on the sidewalk across from Marc Jacobs's show, in true guerrilla style. A spray-painted white sheet served as the background—thanks to producers Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze—and all pieces showcased, which were essentially thrift store recreations, cost less than $60. As usual, however, even with all that, things still didn't reach peak cool until Chloë Sevigny arrived—in true Chanel couture fashion, as a bride to close out the show.

"I came out last with this boy Ryan—just some kid, a skater boy, who worked at [the record store] Fat Beats," Sevigny recalled of her long lost husband and first-ever New York Fashion Week with a laugh on Friday night, at yet another season of fashion week, surrounded by Dolce & Gabanna on the newly renovated third floor of Saks Fifth Avenue, which the store was celebrating both inside and out with a much, much glitzier sidewalk runway presentation of its own that made use of its signature windows.

Full ScreenSevigny, for her part, will be directing her third short—a ghost story "about five ladies"—in the spring, and is hoping to move onto features soon after. Film, after all, is her "real job"; "this is like my fake job," she said of fashion week, which she seemed relieved to be leaving in the middle of to head up to the Toronto International Film Festival. "It’s always good to have an excuse—a film excuse," she added with a laugh.

Not that Sevigny hasn't had any fun this time around, despite the fact that her pal Pamela Anderson was a no-show at the Vivienne Westwood dinner she attended earlier this week. ("Those were my boobs, actually," she clarified of the photo that, like a true friend, she Instagrammed with Anderson's name tag and her chest in honor of Anderson's absence.)

Few would dare to directly compare their décolletage with Anderson's, but from the very beginning for Sevigny, Fashion Week has long been the time of year to tease, or at the very least get intimate with, her fellow icons: After making her debut as a bride, Sevigny's next go at the shows was walking Miu Miu, which she described as "a whole shakedown—I went from X-Girl, guerrilla-style, to Bryant Park, Miucca [Prada], coming out after Kate Moss, and then having to teach me how to walk," she recalled.

One would think her supermodel runway mate would be able to help out with the latter, but it turned out the pair got along so well in part because in fact she couldn't: "She was pretty fresh then as well," Sevigny said. "It was quite the casting."

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Modern tummy control camisole Love

Le 06 novembre 2017

Modern tummy control camisole Love

Michael and Gabrielle best corset shapewear Boyd in their living room in Santa Monica. The black leather chairs are by Oscar Niemeyer; the bookshelf is by Charlotte Perriand.

Adrian GautIt takes some chutzpah for long body shaper a couple to extoll the virtues of restraint and minimalism while surrounded by their collection of 1,000 pieces of modern design, 10,000 art books, and roughly three dozen vintage leather jackets. But if you really listen to Michael and Gabrielle Boyd as they recount their obsessive, decades-long quest for top-quality 20th-­century design, it all starts to make sense.

For the past 25 years, the Boyds have employed a unique blend of design-geek purism and California-style ease to build an extraordinary collection of modern furniture. Along the way, they’ve acquired and restored several iconic buildings, including their current house in Santa Monica—the only U.S. residential project by the legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer—and one of Jean Prouvé’s rare demountable schoolhouses, which they recently found in France and shipped home. In fact, the Boyds have organized their entire lives around their shared passion: Twice they’ve uprooted their two children and moved across the country because an architecturally irresistible property suddenly hit the market. Meanwhile, through their company, BoydDesign, they advise clients on the restoration of houses, consult for museums, and design furniture, rugs, and gardens. As wide-ranging as their endeavors may seem, they’re all grounded in timeless, pared-down principles.

For a client in Malibu, he teamed with the designer ­Laurel Broughton to create his first building, a glass-and-concrete beach house, now nearing completion. He still writes music and can philosophize endlessly on the similarities between composing a score and designing a room: Both involve the interplay of harmony and dissonance, of visible and invisible grids. “I remember once my father said to me, ‘Michael, I love your music, but I can’t always tell when it’s on,’ ” he says. “I thought that was a pretty good compliment.”

That sort of light touch is no doubt crucial in the delicate task of advising clients on restorations. “We had one couple with a Neutra house,” Michael recalls. “And they had just gone to Italy and were inspired by Tuscany, so they painted the walls mustard yellow. I almost had a heart attack!” Gently, the Boyds explained why it might be a good idea to honor Neutra’s intentions and finally convinced the clients to repaint in the original shade of white. Michael says that architectural preservationists are still thanking him for that, years later.

Whatever the project, the Boyds’ ultimate goal, Michael says, is to remain “almost invisible”—to eliminate any extraneous additions or unnecessary complications in order to highlight precisely what a building, or a chair, or a tree, was meant to be. “That’s the ninja trick,” he says. “To do as little as possible, on an emergency-basis only. And to try to weave it into the existing flow of traffic, so that it appears as if you were really never there.”

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plus size butt lifter

Le 06 novembre 2017

Lady plus size butt lifter Gaga Is Working Out in Only "High Fashun" Apparel, Obviously

Lady Gaga yummy tummy tank had to cancel a few scheduled performances and postpone the European leg of her Joanne World Tour in order to focus on her recovery from the chronic pain caused by her fibromyalgia diagnosis. According to a series of photos and videos she posted on Thursday, her recovery plan includes plenty of time to conduct "high fashun" workouts, because what else would you expect from a woman who once went hiking in a Rachel Comey crop top and high heels and also wore an even more over-the-top Ferragamo ensemble to, and from, a Yoga class?

In the first of three posts, Gaga and a friend pose for a mirror selfie in what appears to be a fitness studio. Gaga strikes a sassy pose while wearing a black sports bra emblazoned with tennis pro Bj?rn Borg's name, black and hot pink leggings, and a pink sweatshirt tied around her waist. "@bjornborg #athletic fashun can happen anywhere," she captioned the pic.

The second post is a boomerang in which the "Perfect Illusion" singer, now wearing the pink sweatshirt, performs leg kicks or, as she calls them, "high fashun leg kicks." The final post includes both a photo and video of Gaga holding a truly impressive tripod headstand, with her hands and head propping her up and her knees resting on the backs of her arms.

These kinds of strength-building (and, of course, high fashun) exercises are definitely an important part of Gaga's recovery. According to the Mayo Clinic, although exercise may be painful for those with fibromyalgia at first, "doing it gradually and regularly often decreases symptoms." Low-impact exercises like "walking, swimming, biking, and water aerobics" are recommended, as are "stretching, good posture, and relaxation exercises."

The 31-year-old has experienced an outpouring of support from her fans and famous friends alike since she revealed her diagnosis while promoting her Netflix documentary Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two, in which she further opened up about her chronic pain. A few weeks ago, she thankedBeyoncé for sending her some cozy clothing items from her Ivy Park line. "Not having a good pain day. Thank you honey 🍯 B for sending me this comfy sweatshirt. Keeps me warm outside in a hammock so I can be w the trees, and the sky, and the sun and take deep breaths. Feel so lucky to have so much love" she captioned a selfie in which she wears a black Ivy Park sweatshirt.

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Walter White's Wholesale Bikini Is Now Up for Auction

Le 18 octobre 2017

Walter White's Wholesale Bikini Is Now Up for Auction

Now that Breaking Bad is almost over (thank goodness. lingerie china Our threshold for blown minds is low), AMC has placed upwards of 250 items for auction on ScreenBid. The starting bid for Walter White's underwear in the first season is $250, and other big ticket items include Tuco's grill ($2500), the non-functional Pontiac Aztec ($1000), and both Walt's and Jesse's hazmat suits ($1500). Sadly, we found nothing worn by Mickey Drexler during his cameo, so perhaps Mickey kept his "ill-fitting jeans."

Bidding begins September 29, but do note that the Wholesale Bikini Wholesale Bikini underwear and other pieces are on display at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY.

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