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Archives pour: Le 12 Juin 2018

eacgame Offers Safe FIFA 19 Account At Unbeatable Prices

Le 12 juin 2018

[url=https://www.eacgame.com/fifa-19-account/][b]FIFA 19 Account[/b][/url] Don't let his unusual state fool you this person can mix with the best. Only 500 COINS if you're looking for a very cheap and reliable full set PSG's Kurzawa is your man. Of course he may lack some of his star teammates but he's a great player a solid ball to start..

In contrast [url=https://www.eacgame.com/fifa-19-account/][b]FIFA 19 Web App Account[/b][/url] PES struggles to compete on the aesthetic front. Character models continue to improve (especially in the lower leagues where some player faces are surprisingly accurate) but as a whole PES looks flat compared to FIFA flashy exterior. Menus have not changed in years crowds still sound lackluster and I still stuck playing as Man Red rather than Manchester United.. The remaining 50 coins hold EA. This 5% loss must be aware of every trading action. Because at higher sums these 5% are quite important..

Although you can send Jesus on blistering runs or quickly dart around the pitch with him he still feels stiff on the ball. A guy like Messi has all sorts of animations that make it easy to beat defenders with close control or fast skill moves. A guy like Jesus has the "regular" animations which are nowhere near as effective. 4 3 3 con dos pivotes defensivos (Ndombele y Tousart) para protegerle o 4 2 3 1. Las bandas para los veloces extremos Depay y Traore y la delantera para Mariano (79). Pocas opciones ms.

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